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The village nearby at 3.5 km is St. Gengoux-le-National, with its cozy medieval streets, shops and restaurants. Its church was built in 1120 by the Benedictines of Cluny.There is also a once believed "miraculous" fountain of youth (Jouvence) loved by the king himself in 1793. The "lavoir" (washing place) from 1857 that receives water from the fountain should also not be missed. The famous Voie Vertes that takes one over an old railroad 70 km from Chalon-sur-Saone to Macon through crisp countrysides, stops at this village.

Since 1982, Cormatin is also part of a festival of theatre, "The Rendez-Vous de Cormatin".
Every summer, nearly 40 performances offer to more than 12,000 spectators the most varied of authors, from Aristophanes to Molière."

More than 400 tombs were found here and only a small part is exhibited but the site is exceptional with a good view of the chateau and peaceful setting.

The Rock of Solutre that houses rests of the Paleoliticum and its half buried departmental Museum of Prehistory showing 25,000 years of the past.
Blanot at the foot of Mont Saint-Romain with its beautifully lit underground caves and tunnels.

The "Oppidum" of Biberacte on Mount Beuvray, once capital of the Aeduers. The Museum of Civilization is here with its Celtic exhibits.
Autun with its Gallo-Roman past, with city-walls, amphitheater, the Janus Temple and pyramid-like Pierre de Couhard.
And of course, Cluny, known for being a great power from the 10th century with its Roman churches and a Benedictine abbey holding 10,000 monks! A must-see for all visitors to the area…

Other witnesses of Bourgogne's rich religious past are the basilica of Paray-le-Monial where yearly 30,000 visitors celebrate the visions of Margaretha-Maria in the 17th century. Other important churches are Autun and Tournus's Saint-Philibert, besides more than 250 Roman churches representing the Roman routes through 120 km of the Charolais and Brionnais regions.
Also well-known is Taize for throngs of young people gathering from all over the world in this small village worship place.
Another worship center worth mentioning would be the Tibetan Buddhist monastery in La Boulaye that has a temple with 1000 Buddhas. This temple has yearly celebrative festivities on their grounds worth catching.